enter enter 21 December 2005


follow site opcje binarne co to jest Stop! Before you read this, go back to the previous episode of August and read it. Chances are you missed it because it was only online for a day and a half since Monday evening. Good. Now you're up to date. binäre optionen banc de swiss demokonto get link You know, I really wish my toothache was over and the problem solved, but apparently, far from. Today I am a tortured man. The pain has only increased and is wrecking me to my core. It has been doing so all day and I'm exhausted and painful. I called the dentist again to arrange an emergency meeting tomorrow, so my daily life has once again gone topsy-turvy. here Damn that expression sucks. trading demo gratuito The thing is; last week I was completely prepared to face the dentist and have my sore tooth pulled. It didn't happen then, and for some reason I got completely scared of it. So after I made the phone call today and the dentist's assistant told me this would be the big push, I became utterly hysterical. Of course the excruciating pain I had been enduring all day could have had something to do with it.
It took a phone call from my girlfriend to calm me down and see reason. Now I AM prepared to face this. I'm sure that it's no big deal at all, but I'm faced with the unknown here, and coupled with the dentist that usually means more panic than is called for. However, my calm experience at the dentist's last Friday hopefully shows that tomorrow will be no different. Just another day; a small procedure and a painless exit. I think it'll be exactly that. But until that time, I'll just be a bit nervous if you don't mind. In-between the fits of spastic shrieking out in sheer agony, of course.

What are the consequences for August, I read in your mind? Well, I don't know, to be frank. I hope I'll be able to return on Thursday to get the remainder of the Christmas-faring episodes done. If not, I'm afraid we'll have another empty page or two coming up. I don't know; I wish this was just another week. But faced with these horrible episodes of uncalled-for torture, I have no other option. Tomorrow everything should be alright again. Yeah!

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