03 September 2005

My brother and I have a great fondness for Age of Empires 2, which we've played over the years on a LAN, cooperative of course because neither of us are in it for the fighting, but rather for the building and expanding. And harvesting. That painfully addictive harvesting of resources.

Regardless, we did this for years with a perfectly illegal copy, but in an unsuspected streak of consciousness, our renewed interest in the game provoked us to go looking for a legal copy. Note that we are talking about a game that's approximately five or six years old. Don't know exactly, but it isn't brand new, so to speak. I couldn't find it. I couldn't find it anywhere. Then, on a recent vacation to Scotland, I found it in Edinburgh for 25 Pounds. Ridiculous! I thought I was being conned.

Then I searched all over Amsterdam, but couldn't find it. Apparantly, it was out of print, if I may use that term. As irony would have it however, I found it today in my new homecity of Tiel. Two copies, precisely as the doctor prescribed. But they were 25 Euros a piece! That's considerably less than Pounds, but still way too much for a game of that vintage!

Our hope now rests on the sequel. Age of Empires 3 will appear somewhere this winter (dare I predict a Christmas release), and we have good hopes the predecessor will hit its long-due budget release. I'll probably play part 3 as well, but the second will always have charming nostalgia that'll bring us back to it. Either that, or my brother a not-quite-so-charming lack of processing power required to handle the new game.