prova trading online 17 December 2005

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click here follow site Blame Kong for being too long. That's it, basically. trend con opzioni binarie Yes, you've seen it correctly: there's no new August today, and there won't be one for the weekend. A series of chance events have lead me to the inability to make a new one. Two things star in a main role in this: my sore tooth and King Kong. enter My tooth-ache lead me to have a dentist's appointment Friday-morning in my hometown, disabling access to my tools and computer. And my friends, whose phone-numbers I shall not give because I fear your retribution, persuaded me to go watch King Kong today in my favourite theatre in the land, which also happens to be two hours by train away from my home. This all culminated to that most rare of points: no August for today. I've never skipped it before, and I'm feeling a bit guilty over it, but I hope you'll understand. I'll try to post it this Monday, even though it'll only have nigh two day's exposure before being replaced by its Wednesday successor. No, the life of a comic page isn't easy. The good news is that once my teeth-pulling is done, I'll feel a lot better and will be able to make a killer August episode again. I hope you have the patience to wait until then! Monday, I tell you! (or possibly, Tuesday morning!)

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