14 June 2008

Last weekend was excellent. The comic days visited Haarlem again, turning the city upside-down with strips and festivities. Openminded was present, though we didn't really sell a whole lot. This was because our highly desirable Bedtime Stories pocket was sold out and the reprint still on an airplane at the time. I occupied a stand on Saturday and took plenty of time off to visit the other halls and markets. Even bought a few things: amongst others the new little book with Inspecteur Netjes mysteries and the Watchmen graphic novel. I had to own that sooner or later, and I got it for a nice price here.

The Sunday after I went to a recreational area with friends, one of whom was celebrating her birthday. The weather was hot and I was already a little bit burnt, but I nevertheless partook in something that turned out to be amazingly fun: rowing. We boarded two small boats and travelled by oar for an hour and a half along the river sides of the beautiful park area. It was fun and a great exercise. I feel strongly I must do this again, some day!

But all through the weekend my thoughts dwelled on the Friday before, which I spent in the company of the sun, Pokémon and someone quite, quite extraordinary. I wish I had more to say for this rant, but I've been busy only with drawing comic after comic, page after page, so I really don't have a lot of interesting other things to say.

Well, perhaps that I'm contemplating buying a Lime Green DS Lite, since my old one is on its last legs and this is arguably the sexiest machine ever created.