source url follow link 07 December 2005 binäre optionen handeln mit verstand reich geworden durch binäre optionen Roderick, what see in heck is that PayPal button doing there all of a sudden?! You might wonder. I'll explain. enter site As is the case with most webcomics on the internet, I do not expect to make a living -or even significant profit- out of Captain August. Neither do others, like Aimee TV or Penny Arcade, expect to make a profit out of Captain August. This is only reasonable, because if follow anyone should make a profit out of Captain August, it should be me.

However, Captain August does come at a price, pour moi. The substantial amount of time I put in it is an effort of love (and sometimes, frustration) and can not be expressed in monetary terms. The server costs, on the other hand, can be. As do the costs of pencils and the cheap printer paper I use. But the thing is, I don't really care for those things. Like I said: I'm not in it for a reward besides the appreciation of my readers.

So what is that PayPal button doing there? From the beginning of the webcomic I thought: one day I'll put a donation button online. When I feel confident enough that the captain is able to deliver a continuous, uninterrupted stream of twice-weekly entertainment. That day has come. August has already been around a year and a half and I'm now confident enough in it that I dare go PayPal. Not because I desperately need your money. But because it's a coming-of-age of a webcomic. Because, if you think you've been having a good time all this time, or if you've been particularly titillated by a particular episode some day, you can now show your appreciation other than sending me an e-mail. Which, by the way, is still an awesome thing to do in any respect.

This also happened, by the way, because I'm preparing a total revamping of the site. A completely new Captain August site is coming up, approximately 100% better than the old one. One that is Forex trading and binary options minimum deposit truly deserving of your overflowing coin! Hallelujah!

source Roderick.

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