05 January 2008

Welcome in glorious 2008! We've time-travelled together and ended up here on this vast brink of future! And what better way to celebrate this voyage than with the edifice of avant-garde gaming technology that is little plastic guitars?

Yes, I went to a party somewhere in the rural parts of the country and made merriment with my friends (and even my new girlfriend) by means of simulating rockstardom. Guitar Hero 3 was played, and I was anxious to play Muse's Knights of Cydonia; a tribute to all that is good about camp cowboy/science fiction/ninja stories, with spoonfuls of Dino De Laurentiis thrown in to concoct an irresistible brew. I sucked, of course. This was only to be expected. But I was also motivated to try harder and someday soon get my own fake Les Paul, so I could rock harder than ever at some future time travelling venue.

And what better way to do this than on a brand new Full HD LCD television? Well, there is no better way, obviously, but that doesn't mean I own one yet. If ownership were to be gained by staring at said television for minutes on end in the local media store, then yes, I would own it. Otherwise... not so much. But I do want it, and for the past days I have craved that delectable machine, with its fine 37 inch span, its uncompromised resolution of 1080p, its high contrast ratio and quite reasonable pricing. A price still far beyond my hurting bank account, of course, but that's beside the point. According to The Secret, I only need to think really hardish at owning it, and it will magically appear in my living room. Boy, I can't wait!

Whereas my first contact with Babylon 5 had been one of withheld bursts of laughter and mutual discomfort, the series really got onto it own soon after. I'm still watching episodes every day during dinner and I'm completely loving it now. This started somewhere back at the end of season one, but now, mid-season 3, it's getting to the point where I can't watch a single episode anymore without letting another run after it. And when I saw a particular double episode a few days back, I became hysterical afterwards and needed to be sedated and kept under close watch by a staff of three lest my brain would turn critical under the pressure of the raw Awesomeness that had been injected into my head just then. Since that time, tentative viewings have resumed, but close scrutiny is upheld.

Will I live to make next week's August? Will it be equally text-heavy as this one? Vorlon-sized questions.