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see see I confess my guilt. I've made a terrible decision. go to link Terrible. I've completely ignored one of the founding principles of Captain August, and for that I apologize. One of the things I said to myself when I created August was that there would be no rules, and yet I had in my head a few guidelines that I would follow. One of them was that I'd always draw all the panels by hand.

In other comics you sometimes or regularly see panels used again with slight variations. Penny Arcade is a good example; it reuses a panel almost every time, usually only changing the faces and expressions. I'm not software demo opzioni digitali against that par s?, but it's one of those things I never wanted to do on August. Out of some misguided moral virtue probably. Nevertheless, I thought it would make it look cheap. And yet I've done it today.

I've used similar shots before in the strip. Sometimes that works great of you're looking for a specific comic timing, if you want to give the idea that time is shifting slowly or nothing is happening. I always drew those new panels, even though there was nothing new to see. There are some episodes coincidentally set in an elevator that show this. But today? The thing that gives this the extra shame is that I'd do it again tomorrow if the situation was the same. Just LOOK at those panels. There are seven highly detailed people in there! opzioni digitali milano Besides the obvious dangers that I'd never get them all to look the same, that's also just a whole lot of work to draw! So yes, I'd do it again with only a second's hesitation.

The end-result isn't bad either. But even if you don't see it immediately it's still like I've crossed a threshold that I shouldn't have?

On the other hand, who the heck cares. It's just a panel. It's not like all of a sudden there'll be duplicates all over the place. So give it a rest already!

Quick bits: I've been watching a BBC documentary called The Power of Nightmares, and it details the rise and motivations of two very similar groups: Arab terrorists lead by Osama Bin laden and American neo-conservatists lead by self-fulfilled fantasies. It's extremely worth watching because it's very enlightening. You won't look at the world and its current conflicts the same way after it. The best thing is, you can download the short series legally on this site.

And lastly, I've played some more Oblivion and obviously there are goods and bads, but one of the definitive pluses is the ability to meticulously create your own image. I've posted some pictures of my character on the Captain August forums and you can see how awesome he looks in this topic. See you there!

watch Roderick.