19 March 2005

Episode 50 is here! A landmark episode, not just because it heralds the end of the reign of terror of the Lovecraftian Beast and his beatnik master, but also because, well, it's the fiftieth episode of Captain August. Boy, that was evident.

Let's do some extremely simple maths. I'm not a math-man, I can barely do the simplest of equations, so you'll follow it. August appears twice a week, wednesdays and saturdays. A year knows 52 weeks. That's 104 episodes a year. An ugly figure by any means. Wouldn't it be much more impressive if it were exactly one hundred episodes a year? And consequently, fifty episode per half? Impressive! It's something that really would add a lot of useless, sentimental value to the series. And I'm all for that! It makes celebrating so much easier, because otherwise you'll have another celebratory rant this very next week when August crosses the half-year border. Such an abundance of festivities; the strain would kill us.

So maybe I should take, say two weeks off every year to even things out. I don't want to, but who am I to go against DESTINY ITSELF? It's something I've been thinking of seriously. But I don't want to leave you hanging there like that. So what I think I'll do is; I'll have some replacement content to amuse you when we reach 100 to carry us into the next full year, and then we proceed with the story. How does that sound? I'll take the risk that the replacement is twenty times as good as the strip itself and you'll get all protesty and rebellious and demand of me to let it execute a freaking coup on this website! Thanks a lot!

The alternative would be to adjust the Roman calender itself to fit August-time(TM). Fifty weeks a year. Doesn't that sound a lot less willy-nilly than 'fifty-two'? I'm still of two minds on the topic.

But anyway, episode 50. Isn't that great? It actually doesn't mean a damn, but we're sentimental creatures, with lots of blubber inside of us. It's OK to get squishy now and then.