go here Tastylia Buy 20 MG 09 November 2005

follow site top 5 binary option brokers 2018 My roommate Tom kindly donated the idea to go and write something 'good' this time, about 'real life'. Well, here it is. I'm feverish and my throat is rotten sore, swallowing hurts and I slept through a good portion of the day. I'm struggling to finish August because I keep losing focus. Then again, I've had a great party last weekend when my parents celebrated being married for 25 years. binaire opties club cosa e auto opzioni digitali My girlfriend Mon was there for the party as well and we just had a good time. It kind of was the first time the bulk of my family got to see her, and the introduction went particularly well, methinks. I had to fend off the people who kept telling me how well we fit together. Lots of people were also very drunk, but in a fun way, like when roommate Jasper devours two bottles of wine and then starts talking about devils in his right lung. At the end of the party, I was host to people enjoying an omelette sandwich way more than any sober man would and to top everything off, we had a gigantic cream pie left so we ate that throughout the weekend. opteck binary options follow site I also played lots of Advance Wars DS, as testified by my now empty DS battery. It's a very nice game. I had anticipated it to be mainly a travelling-game for when I'm commuting, but it turns out it's playable everywhere. To call it addicting would be somewhat overstating it, but I'm certainly getting my money's worth! Seriously, you have no idea how close this will be for August. Not having internet at home, I have to finish the comic today, monday, and it's already past eight o' clock and I don't even have a sketched page yet. As I write this, even I don't know if I'll make it before tomorrow morning. Being ill also means I want to go to sleep, like, right now.

But back to life itself: it's cooking. That is, once I get up tomorrow and I feel great again. Up until then I'm just going to enjoy the tangy sensation of feverish skin and try to ignore my sore and scratching throat. Those episodes of Firefly we're watching are sure to help.

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