SPECIAL 3 - 2006

20 September 2006

Third special with a really special delay, because these are the first times August goes external. Nevertheless, here it is, courtesy of Sjoerd Buikema, fellow HKU student and advocate of stylish clothing with top hats. After all this effort I took in making this year clown-free, it seems the specials have foiled this accomplishment, throwing around pierrots and monkeys galore! Mon will be most unhappy, as she took it upon herself to get rid of all clowns through extortion, threats and subterfuge. Nevertheless; a fine piece of almost Russian-quality propaganda with lots of red. Red also happens to be the colour of blood.

Here's a list of topics that I wasn't going to use to fill up this rant:
- Are games art?
- Why the PS3 is going to suck.
- Metroid Zero Mission is a cool GBA game and I defeated Mother Brain
- Gothic poetry.
- Narratology vs. Ludology: a thesis
- Why is Lego so expensive?
- The future of Book 2 lies in the balance
- I've had Phoenix Wright for four months; but still haven't played it
- Petite devils
- My dreads are finally coming into shape; showing the people who urged me to cut them off
- I'm getting my Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors French DVD box set!
- I forgot about Talk Like A Pirate Day last Tuesday.
- Moving to Utrecht again would be cool but a lot of work

This Saturday (or maybe Sunday morning, who knows what happens with a mad schedule like this!) the last exciting special will drop down into orbit, and then we go onwards to Year Three!