source 26 January 2008

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follow脙陇rger.txt I went under the knife last week. You have to understand that my back is riddled with moles, and sometimes they how to buy Priligy online without prescription in Green Bay Wisconsin burrow and their hills grow a bit. And then there's a friendly graden variety doctor who says: let me get the lawnmower and make that all right again. Enough with the metaphors. The skin doctor (I'm sure there's a professional term) cut the mole away and now I'm staying away from the gym for the next few weeks (until the stitches are out) and generally feel like someone is constantly plunging a miniature dagger into my back. http auto binary it But, that's actually kinda cool. trading binario guida ansa In other news, it was a massively bad week for my bank account. Which is to say, I drained it to buy some things I had been longing for in one case for weeks, in the other for years. Yes. I finally got that Xbox 360. I bought it at the local game shoppe, which was a good choice since there's a lot more personal contact there than you'd get at some chain electronics supermarket. I bought the Premium edition with an HDMI port. I was mildly disappointed though when I discovered that the actual HDMI follow site cable didn't come with it and the two free games which I don't care about (Viva Piata and Forza Motorsport 2) were packaged in cheap white envelopes instead of displayable plastic sleeves. Any regret was quickly wiped out when I took a flashlight and poured over the machine to find out what type of motherboard I had in it. And what I was hoping for had come true: it contains the Falcon motherboard with the 65nm chip, instead of the larger 90nm one (codenamed Zephyr). This is excellent news because overheating is the main problem of the grotesque 360 failure rate and these new motherboards are a strong weapon in that fight for decent craftsmanship (and a cooler Xbox).

That's no guarantee I won't get caught in the maelstrom of the Red Ring of Death Repair Cycle of course, which is essentially an elaborate, expensive game of dodgeball, over long distances and with the weighty console as the eponymous projectile.

Now, as for games I'll simply be getting all the quality titles that have come out over the past two years. The Gears of Wars, Bioshocks, Dead Risings, Mass Effects, Crackdowns, Assassin's Creeds, Hitman: Blood Moneys, the works. And I will be playing them on the second item I bought this week: my brand new Samsung HD Ready television! I'm so excited. It's 32'' and has a plethora of connections. The price was right, too. As of this week, the HD era has officially begun for me! About time!

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