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opzioni binarie fineco bdswiss bonus The climax of Captain August ~ Year Three! Spectacular! go to link go site So, I've had a rather exciting week. There was an exposition on school of all the end results of the graduating classes with diploma ceremonies accompanying it. So I've got my Master now for realz. The two-day exposition was madness; with so many people and things asking for my attention that it was far more exhausting and pressing than most of the bigger comic and anime conventions I've been to where I actually had a stand and something to present. köp Viagra apoteket option time 70 rendite For all intents and purposes; having finished school I SHOULD be having a lot of free time and not much to do, but surprisingly I've been just as busy as when I was still doing Death of a Clown. Seriously; I hardly even notice that I'm done -the work load is much the same. The stress is decidedly less though: because there's no incredible school career at stake, I take everything much easier and am enjoying it a lot better. It's all small assignments in any case. I've got the good captain to look after of course, but there are also some animation projects in the works for Dutch television. And I know I've been saying it for weeks, but I'm still wrapping up the movie and its direct dealings, and again, I'm neeeearly done with it. This time. But about the animation jobs; I guess that's nothing to scoff at if you consider I've just graduated scarcely a fortnight ago and I haven't done anything to publicize my availability yet. go to link Lastly, I would like to take this place to state that Phoenix Wright 3: Trials and Tribulations on the DS, which is out in America in a matter of days and will probably follow suit in Europe, is a fantastic instalment in the series. I'm currently halfway through the second case and it's every bit as entertaining and intruiging as the first two. If you haven't imported the Japanese budget edition already like I did (it features the English version after all), I heartily recommend picking the game up as it arrives to your shores soon. Besides Castlevania, Phoenix Wright is easily my favourite series on the DS and it deserves to be a big success. Such a wonderfully unique set of games!

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