28 April 2007

So, I moved to Arnhem (you know the place if you've seen the classic war movie A Bridge Too Far, except there are less Germans now in a surprising twist) two weeks ago, abandoning backwater Tiel for a bigger and better city. My commuting time isn't shortened; in fact, it takes me a good fifteen minutes longer to get to the academy. The trains have upgraded though: I now cruise in luxury Intercities, which really helps making the trip feel light weight and comfortable. Also, I've never minded travelling; it gives me time to start and end the day with reading or playing games on the Nintendo DS.

So, about my new house. It's quite roomy and I managed to tuck everything I have in here without making it feel cramped. My decision to enlarge my relaxational TV- and gaming lounge area was a good one: ditching my huge working desk for a smaller table served to emphasize that I now actually want to enjoy life instead of being a workaholic. The relaxedness of my room is also aided by the huge amount of stuff I threw away or plan on selling. Like a whirling Dervish I swept through my chamber, scooping up everything that wasn't useful or entertaining anymore and out it went! Where once I had been a fervent collector of anything that I thought I might possibly once enjoy again, now I realise this is exactly the junk that's dragging me down. All earthly possessions must fulfil one of two conditions: they are either useful to me or they have a certain quality of entertainment which exceeds the amount of space they take up by a certain margin. Everything else is cast aside.

Returning to the house at hand; I share a kitchen and facilities with two to six people and this proves comfortable. I have good privacy, despite my curtains being of the see-through gossamer sort that at night transforms my two streetside windows into a display of Japanese silhouette theatre. Luckily I live one story up in the sky, so any inappropriate images are reserved for neighbours bearing binoculars.

Beware of neighbours bearing binoculars.

Also, I finished Bertrand Russel's History of Western Philosophy. It took me over a year, but now I know everything. That is all.