23 December 2006

Christmas is upon us, or at least the holidays associated with them. This means for me that I'll be in the ol' parental home and not capable of making new Augusts until the new year. Aye, and so I've been working ahead again to carry us into 2007.

The good news is; the project is nearing its end and if everything is right I won't have to texture buildings anymore. All the things we have to do now are making displays and covers; promotional wrap-up stuff. Soon I'll start my own project and I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do -yet. My conundrum is that I don't want to animate a whole lot, and yet I'm getting my master in animation. You see the problem there. I have multiple ideas that enable me to shift the focus of the project to either writing or filming, which I think the school will accept, but it's still somewhat of a gamble. Writing itself isn't enough, and I'm not adept at filming or arranging locations and whatnot. Yes, it will be troublesome, I tell you!

Let's waste no more words on it. I'm still continuing my search for a home, which I intend to find in the coming months. I hope there's still a chance I can buy something, or else I'll be stuck with an inferior rental shack somewhere like I belong to the rabble proletarians! Imagine the horror!

Nahh. I'm a slacker and way too lazy for actual working.