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source link Buenos dias. What's the buzz, suckah? st george forex rates I've come to tell you all about these fine travel packages. If you've lead a good life, you are eligible for any of these. I ain't gettin' on no opzioni binarie con carta prepagata plane, suckah!
There's no plane. But we do have luxury tickets by boat, or if you're really lucky, the No 9.
The number nine? This ain't Sesame Street! Have you been talking to Murdock? That crazy foo'!
No, the No 9 is a train. It goes straight to the ninth underworld. It's only for those who've lead exceptionally good lives. Have you? Mr? err? 'Bad Attitude'?
What are you talking about? And where's Hannibal? I thought I was driving in a jeep, and we were shooting on these Mexican drugdealers, and then colonel Decker came and I blacked out for a minute.
I'm afraid the jeep hit a grassy knoll and went over the head. On the positive side, your team mates are fine.
You mean to say?
I'm afraid so, amigo. If it's of any amusement to you, it's the gold that crushed your neck in the end.
My momma always warned me about that.
Well? are you ready for your final journey?
I'm gonna miss that crazy foo'.
We all do, eventually.
WAIT! This is all wrong!
Are you a dead man too? I don't recall your name popping up in the files.
You don't understand, it's ALL UNSTABLE! You can't restrain the dead completely or they'll build up and burst into this world like a tidal wave of zombies!
H?jole, why does this always happen on my shifts?
You mustn't attempt to silence all the dead. Let this one man walk freely so the WORLD can be SAVED!
*sigh* Alright, Mr. Bad Attitude, you're free to go. You were low on commission anyway.
Watch out, token Mexican bad guys, here I come again! Hey Murdock! Throw me a machinegun from that coffin!
*SIGH* Another lead down the drain, and I'm stuck doing this work for another day. Well shoo, Mr. sunglasses, I've got things to do, and the land of the living still gives me the shivers.
No, I was just kidding. There's no risk of zombies. I got blown up in a psychic experiment. I wonder what the minds of the dead might look like?
You're definitely getting the Excelsior Line.

(PS: make your own awesome adventures on the the Captain August forums!) Roderick.