binary option top option 04 October 2004

here Good grief! Was it only three months ago that the idea suddenly besieged me to make a webcomic? This Fishpondcoukbooksmarketconditionsforsuccessfulforexandbinaryoptionstradingmremeghaomoruyiemmanuel9781495469121 has to be one of the quickest made webcomics in the history of really quickly made webcomics! I got the idea, ransacked it to death in three days, trying to squeeze all that I could out of it, and then began drawing in a feverish haze of inspiration. In under two months I managed to draw no less than thirty installments of what was to become the comic called binäre optionen anbieter vergleich Captain August.

Only when I had finished this buffer did I begin designing the website. The reason was straightforward enough: I didn't want to begin something and then not finish it. Through error and disappointment I had been made wary of the danger of rushing in headlong into the fringe, and I wanted to take every precaution to prevent this. Also, now I have this buffer I can use as a means to ensure that my updates will be regular and steady. My aim is to not disappoint you, dear reader. I shall cherish you like I would a see cone of mango icecream. Notice that I'm the kind of person that eats ice from a watch cone, rather than out of some weird plastic beaker.

What can you expect from Captain August then? Well, if you're into the same stuff I'm into, you'll likely have a ball. I usually like to fill my comics with postmodern tributes to just about everything and unusual dialogue full of incomprehensible mumbling. That's just because hysterical characters are such fun. The comedy won't always be so apparant, and should be extracted as much from the whole atmosphere and strange choice of language as from the obligatory pay-off at the end, when someone WILL fall over a bananapeel. Just so you know.

Oh by the way, enjoy the comic! Because I'll sure as heck enjoy drawing it. It'll be SO much fun following our sympathetic little captain around! It'll be just like eating a whole batch of mango icecream, only without getting the trading online opzioni digitali mother of all brainfreezes when consuming it.

qoption binary Roderick.