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http://irvat.org/oferta/budynek-e/budynek-e-2pietro/klatka-b-mieszkanie-10.html Right, so, okay, after the clusterfuck that was the last two weeks (which involved a couple days of the old influenza (which in my body has the quaint tradition to manifest as a severe cold with sneezing, shivering and loss of appetite, but thankfully always forsaking such delights as coughing or getting sick), [N]Gamer deadlines for the Epic Mickey coverstory and an ongoing crunch for the big social game I’m working on during office hours), August is back in the game and playing for keeps! binaire opties voor beginners go to link I can’t rule out any further delays, though. But I’ll try to mitigate the damage. Because Abraham Jacques has had enough of this dillydallying! He has a mission to fulfil and he’ll see it through, damn your eyes. bonus binary options http://www.backclinicinc.com/?jixer=proiezioni-di-borsa&153=8d I’ve been going on a Lego binge these last weeks, with many (discounted!) sets finding their way into my home. One of the biggest prizes was an Ebay lot I won with some really cool and really rare Adventurers sets in it, featuring Egyptian themed bricks: sphinxes and pyramids. They were the two biggest sets of the theme, so all together I’m now drowning in little white Dr. Livingstone I Presume explorer hats, tiles with (printed!) hieroglyphics on them, pharaoh headdresses, grey parrots (that cornerstone of any Egyptian theme, apparently!), gray parrots (for all the British grammar-inclined people here) and gorgeous raised baseplates. http://colossart.com/pioed/2628 Legit online work from home jobs legal People who know me know how much those raised baseplates make me happy.
The best thing was that the sets were obviously from a collector himself, as they were in pristine condition and had probably never been taken apart after being built. The accumulation of age-old dust confirmed this. So I spent two evenings giving all the lego a warm little bath and a careful toothbrush scrub to remove the most persistent dirt and let it all dry on towels. It may seem a menial task, but to me it’s just another great expression of my hobby. Seeing a full box of shiny washed, rare Lego that I got for a mere pittance is a real pleasure.

(And it has vetted me for the rumored, awesome 2011 Lego Egyptian theme, with all new pyramids, flying mummies and giant scorpions (what, no scarabs?). Honestly, that is going to cost me a dear penny as I’ll definitely need the whole set in duplicate. Triplicate.)

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