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anyoption geld einzahlen enter site I'd like you to take note of the following two fine gentlemen. They both have a few things in common. Whether they are still bachelors or not, I don't know, but allow me to ensure you that if they would, they'd be click here eligibly so. For the things they have in common are soon to be uncovered with terminal velocity.

Meet Kolzig. This is not his real name, but his internet nickname, which is all you need to know because who cares about the outside world anymore anyway? Kolzig is an upstanding young Scandinavian lad, Finnish to be exact. He is standing in front of his admirable collection of adventure games and peripheral paraphernalia and lo, if he isn't holding enter site Captain August ~ Year One! He has bought this via our watch webshoppe, and this picture he sent us at Captain August Industries is his little way of saying that you should buy it there too. Way to go for your skilful applying of peer pressure there, Kolzig! But this is no mere commercial tactic. Gaze into these healthy Aryan eyes and see that his mountainous heart has been bolstered greatly by his purchase! Bolstered with Rupee options trading forex love, love for quality trade paperback science fiction comics!

Miffy bought the book there too, and we can clearly see he did this at great personal cost. No sacrifice was too much for him in his desire to get his mighty hands on the book! His choice was dire and painful: do I buy a quality camera and rid myself of the vice of web-cam photography or spend the money on Captain August? Megapixels are overrated, seems to be the outcome here, and http://big-balloon.nl/?a=register quality trade paperback science fiction comics the obvious winner. What a trooper!

Are you willing to share your heart-wrenching story as well? Want to help convincing the unconvinced masses outside that buying the book really is the best step they'll ever take? Or maybe you just have a wacky pic of reading it on the Eiffel tower, or the pyramids of Gizeh? Send it in and I'll take my best shot at ye!

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