06 November 2004

tastylia online Only one year after I moved from my backwater hometown to the big city, I'm moving yet again, ironically enough back to more quiet surroundings. This in itself features a paradox, because I seemed to revel in Bustlingtown. The life in a metropolis peppered me up and gave me massive amounts of energy and lust for life. But here I am, ready to move back to Smallville next week. The reason? Twofold.

Life in http://irinakirilenko.com/?deribaska=unterschied-bin%C3%A4re-optionen&34f=1c Massivstadt is expensive, my current dwelling not excluded. It sucks up all the money the government gives me for being such an adept student source url AND the support of my parents. Leaving me with exactly nothing to buy things such as, say, follow food with. And since these harsh economical times have left me with no job to extract revenue from, I've seen my moneybin become emptier and emptier over the past year. I'm sure http://kasba.nl/pipiak/159 uncle Scrooge wouldn't have let it come this far, but I wouldn't dare compare myself to the greatest financial genius duck in the world. Now prices for rooms are high all around, but I've come across something swell here that I'll dig into later.

The second reason for my evacuation is that even though I live next to Grandcit?, my actual whereabouts are in a snoozing suburb. It's quiet here, and I don't mind that. But it's also devoid of any social interactivity. And, recluse though I may be, as any human being I must have some form of interaction to keep on going.

And now, http://axonblogg.se/bimerok/75 the solution to these problems! I'm moving to Hearthy Homestead where I can get a room in an old abandoned school, to prevent squatters from hijacking the place. Here's a comprehensible list of the benefits.
http://dwighthoward.com/kikimara/7134 - Rent is only ?140,- a month, which is less than half of what I pay now.
http://poloclubmiddennederland.nl//wp-content/plugins/pretty-link/readme.txt - The rooms are HUGE and there are only a limited amount of people running about, which means there's a ridiculous amount of breathing space.
http://hickscountry.com/sitemap-pt-post-2015-11.xml - Two of my best friends from school are moving in too. Which means we'll be three of a kind, almost living in symbiotic relationship. Think siamese twins.
go here - And of course it's incredibly cool to be living in an old [haunted] school. Ironically, we're there to jinx away squatters, but we're practically squatters ourselves.
The only drawback is that there's a mite less privacy and that I have to share my sanitary equipment with a few chosen others. But for the rest I'm enthralled and anxious to start moving!

Don't for a second think August is going to suffer from it.

source url Roderick.