24 May 2008

I just bought a really good Wacom drawing tablet, so the digimal watchamahoo age is finally upon me. I've got an A5 Wide Intuos, if you're interested. It's kind of the professional line of the Wacom tablets and it's accordingly priced. Ouch. In terms of features and usability it's second to none, however, and that's what counts.

Now it'll take a lot of practice and adjusting to get some cool results from this thing, because so far I've been using basic pencil on basic paper for the last 24 years. Once I get used to this, I expect to be as flexible on the screen as I am on the pulp, though. But first, there will be many comically awful attempts at illustrating. Don't worry: August remains ever a strictly analogue affair.

I'm quite looking forward to the coming week. The weather seems set to become excellent (hurray!) and there are some exciting things happening. I plan to experiment with drawing (and colouring) digitally, I'll probably all but finish the short 9-page comic I'm making for the Openminded summer special and there may or may not even be picnicking involved with this very week! I mean, imagine! Blows my mind, I should think.

Well now, it is far too hot to type lots of stuff here, so maybe next week you'll be luckier. Ta-ta!