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traden met binaire opties

go to site forex valuta datum I hope, dear reader, that you sincerely appreciate this episode; for all the effort it cost me to get it out at all, let alone on the very day it was supposed to. As I write this it is deep in the night and below me bellow the cries of a party that will not rest until the sun has risen anew. I am no man for these parties, but I didn't exactly have the luxury of choice on the matter either. indicador opções binárias gratis I just now finished another of my famed binäre optionen zockerei 2 voor 12 animations for Dutch television, and with it I have set a new record for utter crappiness. I am not proud, but had little choice. I needed to do the work, yet I also wanted to spare my hands, and the result is a feeble, amateurish, worthless attempt at animation which I may put up on the forums soon so you all get the opportunity to mock me with it, as I mock myself in the same vein. source link Nevertheless, even crappy animations do not make themselves, and while the party is booming downstairs, I also have to make an episode of that great saga which is published under the name Captain August. This episode concludes that little arc with Abraham Jacques, and it's on to normal adventures for a while again. Maybe we'll see some bits and pieces of Rumquist again, or maybe I am repulsed for a good spell from dreaded continuity and allow myself to bask in the pleasantries of the non sequitur narrative, for as long as I am able to hold on to it. Hold on to it for dear life.

I wanted to put up pictures of the glorious personages who bought newaccounts etxcapital com Captain August ~ Year One and were so kind to take a photograph of it, but it is so very, very late and there is still work to be done, so I'll leave that until the next rant. In the meantime, you are invited to follow their example and send me pictorial evidence of the acquisition of that precious, little book of joy. Show me you're loving it, and I might write a few nice things about you and make you feel all good about yourself. Don't, and witness how you are lost to bitter obscurity for all to see! Such is the power that is invested in me, quite paradoxically, by the very attention you bestow upon my person! See how you are the cause of your own downfall! Woe unto thy wretched yet ironical existence!

But it is very late, and my threats are only partially meant. Now go make some photographs and please an old, old man. Seriously.

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