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enter Wow, even I'm feeling that. How long it takes between two episodes of August now they're only appearing on Saturdays. But, I hope the graphic quality speaks for itself. click here ottenere un prestito opzioni binarie My daily rhythm has been a complete vortex of chaos lately. Ever since I finished the animation I was doing for public tv I've been going to bed far too late in the night and rising equally absurdly late in the morning. Prince George late. When I do find the reason to throw my legs into the cold ether of that-which-is-not-my-bed, I wash myself and immediately seat myself in front of the computer to watch the latest shows. I finished Dexter in this manner, by the way, and am now going through season three of the excellent Hustle. So, then, when it's around three in the afternoon I'll finally decide to do something worthwhile, but it's not big. I'll do a bit of August or some writing. Nothing serious, I'm afraid. Of course, like every unshackled artist, only during nocturnal times do I get motivated to actually do something. My theory is that we all despise work and the thought of working at a time (midday) when the day still seems unbearably long is intolerable. But when evening hits, there's suddenly a far more palpable border of when the day is going to end; and consequently work seems less daunting. You get motivated by the simplest deadline of all: sleep. source url Now, this wonderful state of affairs (because despite my shame I can't deny enjoying this decadent behaviour a trifle) can't last indefinitely of course. There will come a time when I'll swing into full gear again with my own little projects. Maybe get some work space so I don't have to toil at home (which can be disastrous, I know from experience). And then I won't have the luxury of getting up whenever the hell I feel like it. But at the same time, maybe then my working day will get a bit more purpose again, which is a good thing if you seek a sense of accomplishment. I very much look forward to that time, because I've got some great ideas for comics I want to make and other creative stuff you just need time to develop. watch Until then, I'll amuse myself with my series and games, and the occasional tidbit of work. I earned it with my tough graduation year. To the conqueror go the spoils. In this case; lavish amounts of free time to waste away. Never thought I'd see the day.

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