SVELTE NEWS follow link 03 May 2006

segnali opzioni Tadalafil Oral Strips Buy 20 MG No Prescription Purists among you may scoff at the fact that portholes seem to be breaking hither and thither in this episode without decks being sucked vacuum. This is not because I am neglecting rules that I have previously set in earlier episodes, this is because I do whatever I deem fit to make the current story and/or jest work.
That said, I like the visual appeal of this episode. I'm by no means going to get pretentious and state that I'm exploring the boundaries of comics by binaire opties automatisch breaking the boundaries of the panels, or any such crap. As far as I'm concerned, these are age-old ways of visual storytelling, long since documented by various [European] comic artists in albums resting comfortably in my bookcase, or possibly a sealed-off plastic box on my parent's attic. Sure it's a nouvelle way of doing things in Captain August, but I don't think it shocked any of you with any sort of realisation - what an inspired way of storytelling!-, did it? Just because option binaire avis I'm trying this out in my comics doesn't mean I'm making ground-breaking research here. Such pretences I best leave to others, who lack proper self-reflection.

On to the shocking news of the day: Captain August got 995 euro all ora opzioni bianrie nominated for the Dutch webcomic awards, or 'Clickies' as they're called. Click the link to read the whole tale on the awesome forums which still have plenty of room for all of you! In short, it's a fantastic honour and hopefully yet another way I'll get a little bit more noticed by the public. First and foremost it's obviously very flattering to hear. I knew the nominees would be announced in these weeks, but frankly I paid it little attention because I was certain I wouldn't stand a chance. After all, in my eyes Captain August is in its infancy and has such enormous ways to go still.

One more thing: don't be afraid that Janosh is going to be the 'Kenny' to my 'South Park'. I promise I'll not hurt him by shooting him in the face or crash-landing meteors on him every time he appears in the comic. I like the little guy way too much to punish him so.

Oh, and one more thing which is really the last one: I was thrilled to no end at the chance to use the word melhores corretoras para opções binarias smarmy in today's comic. Come on, how often do you get an opportunity like that? I will tell you; not often. Roderick.