source site 23 November 2005

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the best gay dating sites in south africa follow site So, I've got some new games in my life. I've betrothed them, so to speak. see First of all I'm proud to say I finally got my hands on Skies of Arcadia Legends for the Gamecube. I got it second hand, but it looks like new and it was for a very reasonable price at that. I haven't played much of it because I'm pretty darn busy, but I will. From the little time I played I learned that, unfortunately, Skies employs the much-maligned random battles system (which is in any case a horrible system that constantly irritates, frustrates and pretty much destroys any game). I won't mind it here that much however, because the world and the characters are very sympathetic and interesting, as opposed to, for instance, Final Fantasy 7, which as we all know is pretty much ثنائي خيارات الروبوت 2016 poop. But let's not spoil our thoughts of a wonderful game like Skies of Arcadia Legends with talk about retarded other games that don't deserve an ounce of their success.
Another game right now is Crash Tag Team Racing for the Gamecube. You may wonder; what the hell are you doing with a funracer, Roderick?! You hate racing games! Well, I got it from the [N]Gamer offices to review it for their magazine. And I don't mind funracers so much, because as the name implies, they're fun. As opposed to normal racing games, which are follow poop. So, the deadline is nearing and I have to play quickly through Crash Bandicoot's adventures in racing to judge it.

On top of that, I've started playing Diablo 2 again. This is probably the worst thing I could have done right now. Diablo 2 is the master of clickety-click games that are so RSI-inducing it ought to be banned. Unfortunately it's also addicting as heck. I've played the game for five years after it was released and now I'm starting again. It's getting ridiculous. It's not like I haven't already seen everything the game has to offer. Wait. I HAVEN'T even seen everything the game has to offer! I haven't even played with the Amazon yet, or the Assassin! And what am I doing? Playing a Sorceress for the second time. Sometimes I just don't get myself.

And all the while I have to make time to finish Morrowind, Majora's Mask and Advance Wars 2 as well?

I told you I was darn busy.

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