30 October 2004

you tube opzioni binarie di un giorno I really wish I could say that today's episode concludes the setup of Captain August. That it'd mark the opcje binarne kalkulator completion of the real intro and that you now finally know the premise of the series. But that would be a go to site gross lie. You see, that episode was the one before this one.

I admit it: I was so caught up in my enthusiasm about the convention last wednesday that I had neglected my plans to say it to you. Mind you, it wouldn't have been a big celebration or anything. But it did mark the end of that special little part of the story called the beginning. In most tales this is usually the most interesting part of the whole, or rather; the most effort has gone into this to make sure the audience keeps on reading or watching. This is most visible in the movies: imagine a follow Bond-movie not starting with elaborate explosions, huge actionscenes that sometimes have nothing to do with the actual movie but that serve as an eye-catching, budget-devouring way for the directors to say to us: miglior sito trading binario ,,Please don't walk out of the theatre, I want you to see my movie.'

Now that I have succesfully clarified that this is common practice, you can't argue anymore when I free demo to learn binary option completely change the direction of Captain August after this episode. Next up: well-packed bombshells of the feminine kind having illustrative orgies with well-hung beefcakes of the masculant kind. It'll be crawling with binära optioner sören smutty dialogue and drawn in disproportionate mangastyle. Pages will be sprawled with offensive symbolism and this story will binäre optionen signalgeber kostenlos openly defend the genius of both Satan and Stalin. And there'll be two hilarious sidekicks that will occasionally burst out into romantic musicalsongs. One of them is a clumsy mongoose that's constantly tripping over branches for comic effect.

As you can see, this will be an app opzioni binari instant hit, and there is not a single thing you can do about it.

For these past weeks I have been very busy with a lot of things. School in particular has been bearing down on me with interesting yet large tasks. One of them was the creation of a so-called 'artist book', which is a statement an artist makes in bookform, and it can be virtually anything. I myself made a go here flyer of Captain August, depicting the
free binary options charts etoro MA DNESs of our protagonist in an erratic monologue that he seemingly hears in his head. It's a small flyer and it looks terrifically classy. I'd really like to use it as promotional material (even though it's quite vague and only of interest to devoted readers), but it's way too expensive for that. Maybe if I can find a way to cheapen the printing process, but for now I'd have to ask money for it, and even the smallest amount would put me to shame for it (because you see, it really isn't THAT substantial).

This aside, I have been terribly busy the last few weeks. Some things always had priority of course, such as updating August, but what I've been trying to say for the last two alineas: I haven't been able to game for a single moment! A catastrophy of course, because I adore games. So what I did was, I reserved some quality time for gaming yesterday evening and this morning. I've been playing the same two games I've been playing for some time now: Morrowind (Bethesda's expansive RPG which I've been playing literally for years now, and still no end in sight, I love it) and Metroid Prime for the Gamecube. Two completely different games in almost every aspect, but both intrinsically larded with quality. For me, games must have two aspects by which I most heavily judge them: quality and atmosphere, and this runs into every part of them.

This concludes my erratic rant for today.