PUMMELINGS 04 August 2010

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follow site strategie di trading con opzioni binarie YEAHHHH, Captain December! No one saw this coming. Score! go to link Even with statistics at my fingertips it is surprisingly hard to determine what exactly the readership is for this webcomic thingy that I rebooted a few months back. Is everyone back yet? Are there hundreds you, or only a handful? Not that it changes anything about August: I’m of the slightly autistic persuasion that I’m going to see this comic through, largely for my own pleasure, whether there’s millions enjoying it or only a donkey and his bearded keeper. broker opzioni binarie con bonus senza deposito italiano Starcraft 2 is finished, the singleplayer that is. I’m trying my hand at multiplayer and this time (as opposed to last time, 12 years ago), I’m making a concerted effort to actually do it properly. I’ve invested some time in watching the pros play, I’m thinking about strategies and learning the less obvious tricks and tactics. Nonehteless, it’s a steep climb. AI bots at this time still pummel my ass and I’m making stupid mistakes like not spending my resources and not defending my base purely because I play as Zerg and that’s not a very ‘Zergy’ thing in my mind. I gotta break through those preconceptions. Thinking about build orders and hotkeys before that is like eating dessert before the meal, and only Moss does that, blowing everyone’s mind.

Playing Starcraft 2 has produced an unexpected, but not unpleasant, effect in me: a deep longing to write fanfiction. When was the last time I did that? Oh yeah, that’s right. After playing Starcraft 1. And although I’m comically drowned in projects already, the first lines hit the paper yesterday. When you’re confronted with raw, unfiltered inspiration, it’s takes on criminal aspects not to act on it.

Dont forget to hide your kids, hide your wife!

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