09 April 2005

Binary option broker comparison operators I can't believe it! It's over! Those rutting clowns are finally out of the picture! No more clowns, no more elongated storylines (for the time being at least) and no more enter site Mr. August being hauled from one scene to the next without actually doing anything himself. Why, I was this close to being forced to rename this schtick to go to site 'clownking and friends'. Maybe then I'd achieve world fame. Truth be told I didn't mind it at all, this saga, but it took me 26 pages to fulfil. That's thirteen weeks filled with clowndelight. Clowns are sprouting out of my ears at this point. I went to the barber yesterday and every time he'd come close to my earshells I'd hear a legion of tiny voices iq opzion shrieking out in fear. Fortunately his scissors were sharp and his aim was true. Ruthless barber come to think of it.

Yesterday I watched the madness that is FLCL (or ' Furikuri' in English). This is a delightful little animeseries by studio Gainax; both selfcontained and a knowing parody on their previous work ( source url Neon Genesis Evangelion), and pop culture in general. This parody works on even more levels than you'd think at first. It's not just a few spoofs for cheap laughs, but you'll soon notice, when viewing the audience and things surrounding FLCL, that Gainax can be very pleased with a mission well done. See, with their previous series, Evangelion, the whole world plunged itself into philosophizing after seeing it. The show was so elusive and raised a lot of questions by deliberately withholding information. This culture of thinking about how Evangelion worked was so persistent and all-encompassing, that Gainax played a neat little trick on everyone with FLCL. The latter is also a series 2 minuten binУЄre optionen wrought with mystery. It goes so fast and it's so bizarre that one can't help thinking about what the hell it all meant. But there is no reason. No truth, no explanation. Because FLCL is just Marketing home building business one ball of slapstick, a potpourri of wild daydreams and cool gimmicks. Sure, there are connections that are obvious and stuff that might possibly be uncovered. But then you'd be missing the big picture. You're not seeing that FLCL, above all else, is meant to be go here a parody on you. Right there, when you're brainstorming about what it all could mean, posting theories on the internet and discussing feverishly with fellow amateur seers; right at that point you've become a parody on yourself. Gainax didn't just spoof a series, but also the whole freaking culture around it. They must be laughing their heads off. And I gladly join them.

Tonight I prepared a meal for myself. Half a can of broken green beans, instant mashed potatoes and a hardboiled egg. It must be one of the weirdest combinations I've ever cooked up for myself. It tasted OK though. Now it's onto the pudding that one day over the selling date. Is it all too obvious that I'm a student?