06 April 2005 Back to lighter things, because I want to. On the other hand, this weekend I saw,t.html5Clone= Cube, a low-budget movie that horrified me hours afterwards with its claustrophobic possibility of sudden relocation to the title's sickeningly mechanical maze. Then again, I also saw Pixar's Monsters Inc for the first time, and watch Willard for the second. My enthusiasm for the latter still growing, for the former wellbegotten.

It's april again, and I've managed to live through its first day unscathed. I inadvertedly launched what later turned out a binaire opties minimum storting magnificent april fools joke on the internet on a forum, though it wasn't my intention. I had actually posted a blurt that was dripping of sarcasm as a joking follow url bit of criticism on the tradition. But apparantly my obvious attempt wasn't transparent enough and people fell for it. This then escalated to people adding to the joke and it blowing up to unforeseen proportions, and before I knew it I had some sort of glowing title of prankster created around me. Watch out for me, children, because you just never know when I'm executing another source link avalanche of hilarity. Funny that the thing I sought to mock overcame and assimilated me. Superb irony that.

I'm reading opzioni binarie previsioni oggi Warcraft pulp at the moment (as opposed to playing in the world of Warcraft I'm reading about it now, how about that?) and I'm loving it. There's nothing better than fantasy or science fiction pulp. Just some random iteration of the monomyth, going from point A to B, coming across dragons and zeppelins and temples and whatnot. When the staunch warrior all of a sudden lets out a tear for his fallen comrade, that's the biggest slice of follow url character development you'll get. That's pulp for you. I devour it. The reason this is so intense is because I'm already familiar with the universe of Warcraft. Whenever the book speaks of some figure I know from the games I get ridiculously giddy, act them out with their appropriate voice (approximated as best as I can) and then have a great time feeling like I really understand what's going on. It's like a secret code that only the incrowd knows. And for some reason this beautiful pulp makes me want to write again as well. Maybe it's time to dig up the ol' writing again? Lord knows I've written plenty of books already throughout my childhood.

I hope the next pope is one that understands that every religion is just a philosophy to reassure you in life, not a sacrosanct truth.