23 April 2005

Just a quick follow-up to yesterrant: I quit my job and everything went super well, they were all down with my act, so to speak, so my visions of raging bosses were all due to good old-fashioned paranoia. Wonderful!

So, I saw Team America yesterday and it just rocked. It was one of the first movies in many, many years that truly had me in stitches more than once. That's pretty impressive, as the last movie I remember accomplishing that was probably The Naked Gun or Hot Shots or somesuch, back when I was twelve or something. Ever since then I've been so saturated with comedy that something has to be of unique quality to make me laugh out loud in uncontrollable slapstick. Team America is exactly that -unique.

In more ways than one: those puppets! Really, it's all the responsibility of those stunted Thunderbirds-esque puppets with their clumsy movement and artificial gestures that I was wrecked with hilarity the first half hour. The shock was so big, moreso than I would have estimated beforehand. After that initial surprise wore off the movie still had lots to amuse me with. And again, I can't possibly stress enough how terrific the choice was to go with puppeteering. At times Team America doesn't need pronouncedly 'humourous' dialogue, as even the most mundane sentences (often especially chosen to resemble those of the most clich?d of Hollywood movies) are transformed into objects of utmost parody when pushed through the scarcely lipsynch prosthetics that adorn the plastic effigies. When the protagonist looks romantically at his love interest and persuades her to let her inner emotions go with the words ,,Sometimes feelings are feelings because we can't control them.', you just have to crack up, because you're seeing the strings in the air that control that plastic man and you just know creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are having a whale of a time.

Bit of a short rant today, isn't it? Can't always have our cookie and eat it as well!