20 October 2010

Last summer Starcraft II was released, bringing a really nicely developed world filled with neat touches. One of those touches, most specifically the summonable mercenary battlecruiser 'Jackson's Revenge', sent my imagination flying. I knew I had to write something about it, some origin story explaining the background of this littlest of details in the violent Starcraft universe.

It was then that I remembered that Blizzard were hosting a global writing competition, just like last year, with the grand prize being a trip to Anaheim to meet up with the Blizz staff. Two opportunities together is better than one opportunity without another opportunity attached to it.

So I set about writing my tale of the Jackson's Revenge, inspired by Tolstoy's War and Peace which I'm still in the process of reading. It was called 'Jackson's Farewell'. I envisioned an old, world-weary captain who ached for a reason to leave the corrupt Confederacy he served behind him. Set during a high society soirée the captain mingles, perhaps for the last time, with the people he loathes -and their dirty secrets.

In three evenings I was able to put the short story down, since I had such a clear vision of what it should be. I sent it off to Blizzard and earlier this week they finally released the winners.

I got an Honorable Mention. That's not exactly a prize-winning place, but on an estimated total of over 3000 entries, being top 14 material is indeed rather honorable.

Check out the winners here: