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opzioni binarie creare account click here [ADDENDUM] Ok guys and gals, December is here and historically that means a load of holidays, consequently a lot of work pressure, consequently no time to do August. I might find a few pockets of time here and there to do something, but I'd be remiss to give you false hope. Let's just pretend December never happened. In January, Captain August is sure to pick up the pace again! Merry holidays and an enlightening 2011, in advance!

get link --- bancdebinary eu Make a living binary options does anyone really It’s been fairly interesting the see the response to Epic Mickey. While I was outspokenly negative about the game (I gave it a 6 on other sites and mags rewarded the game with 7s or even 8s. Opinions range from ‘it’s a mediocre platformer hailing from the N64 era’ to ‘despite its flaws there’s some brilliant themes and gameplay going on in there’. source This only goes to show that Epic Mickey is a game that will either touch you on a personal level, making you forgive even its most grievous errors, or it will fail to do so, in which case you’ll find yourself asking in frustration what the hell they were thinking. Make no mistake: these sort of games are among the most interesting around, which I say full knowing that I think the game is pretty shitty. You may either share this opinion or not, I’m just saying: caveat emptor.

In other news: I’ve taken a sudden, huge liking to dressing up in supernice, chique dress shirts and waistcoats. With necktie, obviously. A man without a necktie is like a lepidopterologist without a box of pins: an aimless, confused creature. Luckily I had already gathered some combinations of these over the last few years, from rather eclectic sources: my Joker cosplay one of them. Wearing them to work is a great way to revv up to a day of sturdy arbeit. Like Al Bundy said: if your shoes look like shit, you look like shit. Getting dressed for the occasion is half the work.

It doesn’t hurt either that this particular dress code is used frequently for the coolest cats in cinema. Anyone who saw Inception’s hotel lobby scene can attest to that. Roderick