06 September 2006

The tension is rising to such levels that this page can't contain them anymore! Look at that scared little eye popping out of the unlikely shadow where once rested Victor Darwin's hood! And that feisty cyborg madman dashing towards him! What will happen?!

Yes, this is a typical penultimate episode of the year; so mindexplodingly exciting that once again there will be a mass wave of hara-kiri en suppuku by the legions that just can't cope with the prospect of the oncoming delicious last episode. Such is the inevitable course of events here at Captain August Industries. We always hope that the more esteemed of our readers make it through, but we've been forced to let some of our friends go in the past, and it seems history has a way of repeating itself.

Chances of messy hysterical death can be avoided by a choice few actions. First of which is buying the Captain August ~ Year One pocket in our shop. Reading the first year again in these most harrowing of times will help you through the rough period of mass suicide and possibly see you survive it. If this is insufficient or undesirable (say, you already own the pocket or you don't have a bookshelf in your improvised dumpster shack of a home), then an offering to the gods is a viable alternative. Any amount you wish to bestow upon us via the PayPal donation-button to the left is gladly received, not in the least because in about a month our server will expect another 2-year advance payment, and that sort of thing doesn't come cheap. August needs your help, my friends, if it wants to keep entertaining you week after week for free! And, of course, keep you from dying by swallowing your own tongues. That's the crazy Japanese way, people!

The third and final way to save yourself this horrid fate is to spread the word more vigorously. Get your friends to read the comic, post it on forums and write bits about it on those kooky user-created content sites such as Digg or somesuch! It's like the Ring video: every person you show the comic will make the curse shift away from your precious soul and onto the sucker you tricked into clicking. So start tricking, people!