12 February 2005

Painting is fun! I've been painting recently for my Secret Project and once again, I've taken mighty steps forward as an artist (indulge me). I'd only ever once or twice painted before, so my complete lack of experience was quite complete, and lacking at that. I had been anticipating this little aquarel-adventure for weeks and I was getting anxious, frightened even. What if I wouldn't be able to make it? What if my efforts would lead me to destroy all the precious lineart I had made? Killing!

Last weekend I finally crossed the Rubicon. I had collected priceless information on how to paint soaking the thick paper in water and letting it dry encased in a frame of special tape, whereupon it would suck itself vacuum and provide the perfect solid base upon which to strike a brush. I had also collected the guts. I picked up the brush, carefully moistening it with my acrylic Van Gogh-brand paint...

And lo, two hours later I had three pages that almost surpassed the level of a primary school first-time painting infant, but didn't quite make it. I took a long walk downtown, and went into the supermarket to get some groceries. When I got back, it was still as ugly as I had left it. Dammit. Undeterred to let this insult pass I decided to try harder on the next pages. And what do you know, they turned out quite nice! While painting piecemealy and merrily away I noticed me getting better and better at it, much to my enjoyment! Now I'll never be a Van Gogh, or even a much-overestimated Rembrandt, but I reached a level of quality then and there that satisfied me and which I deemed good enough for my Special Project.

There only rests those three first pages now. Basic, maligned, and bearing faces that reek of yellow; I must eviscerate them. Or rather, upgrade them. Yes, I shall rework the paints, adding texture and flavour to their dullness. Their canvas will be reinvigorated! At least, to my sincerest abilities. After all, I'm no Netherlandic Master when it comes to painting.