source link migliore piattaforma per opzioni digitali 2018 28 December 2005 follow link Christmas has come and gone again, and we've all indulged ourselves in wallowing meals and cheerfully decorated trees. And of course lauded that hopeless fraud, Santa Claus. I've dug up some more information on him, previously thinking it was purely a rip-off of the Dutch Sinterklaas (or [i]St. Nicholas[/i]), but it appears its origin actually lies in Germany. ip option demo Sinterklaas is a feast held on the fifth of December and very similar to what Santa does. Sinterklaas arrives in the land (in the Netherlands by boat) with an army of helpers called Black Pete ('Zwarte Piet') and they give presents to children, there are songs, festivities, etc. Now what I discovered was that in Germany there's something very similar, except that some of the helpers are called Knecht Ruprecht (Knecht translates as Servant) and that they sometimes look extremely similar to Santa Claus. If that isn't enough proof that he's a rip-off I don't know what is. After all, America was 'founded' by European conquerors and therefore many tradition were taken over from the old world as well. sofwer binarie autrading con ea free

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