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welcher broker für binäre optionen Psst, good and pious folk, I don't want to alarm any of you? but the new August site appears to be really coming your way, pretty soon. So you'd best say your goodbyes to this one and pat him on the back one last time, because this aging beast is soon to be replaced.
Replaced? by AWESOME. Or rather, something offering vastly more stuff to do and cool abilities! I know I've pimped this before, but the prospects are so exciting. In a few days you'll be able to simply CLICK and instantly download -oh I don't know- cftc forex brokers list the Captain August movie. And how about simply order follow url Captain August ~ Year One from our fully functional store? And no longer do you have to go to your favourites to access our fledgling forums, but instead just find the button in the menu, which will be positioned to the left rather than on top of the site.

There's also a download-section that over time will be filled with wallpapers and press releases and little animations and whatnot. Coinciding with the new site is my first big foray into marketing. Guerrilla marketing. Well, actually, I don't have a clue what I'm doing, but I'm attempting to let August get noted by some sites and media so it'll attract new readers. I've written a press release I mean to send to some websites and for the rest I'm crossing my fingers.

I'm crossing my fingers, and asking you, the reader, for aid. Won't you help August gain some popularity? If you know any way of spreading the word, then put it on the forums. If you're a member of a news-site or one of those links-sites, or even just a webcomic list, then you can already help by mentioning Captain August or sending them the link to put on their site! So wait a few days until the new site is up and then get busy in any way you can! I'll make a topic on the forum where everyone can pen down their exploits, so we'll all do this together. Come join our unstoppable tide! Roderick.

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