SPECIAL 1 - 2006

13 September 2006

It is the first of the Specials! And what an entry it has become! The Red Monkey himself, my roommate Tom Jilesen, kicks off the Specials with a very detailed and action-packed take on the fight that went on this year between battered August and a future Nuch in a parallel timeline. According to Tom this was the crowning moment of the year and he always regretted that this timeline didn't stay reality but vanished as the duplicate August sacrificed himself in the past. He would have liked a universe without Janosh, with a demented Nuch and August a desperate, monocle carrying hero.

However, the truth is that this arc had to pass as well, but Tom chose to honour it by making this beautiful piece. Well done! The following three Specials will be completely different as I have a diverse selection of artists waiting behind the curtains. I'm sure they'll all have something unique to add, so the next few weeks will be a treat while I silently work on preparing the exciting third year.

Don't forget that it's still very helpful for me if you'd tell me in a few words what you thought of the past year and August as a whole. Just go to the forums or email me! Some people have already preceded you in giving their opinion, but the more we hear the better it'll be for the strip in the future! Speak out and have the opportunity to shape what is to come!