Buy Cytotec in Thousand Oaks California 09 September 2006

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successo opzioni binarie get link And so we stand once again, dear friends, at the end of another glorious year of Captain August. We have had one hundred episodes of laughter, adventure, friendship and betrayal. Year 3 is on its way, but first we'll have our yearly four Specials. This time around, as I have said earlier, these will be provided by other artists, who have been given a carte blanche to do as they please. What they will cook up is uncertain for you as well as for me, so it's bound to be exciting. watch Now that the year is done, I should like to know what you thought of it. Did you like it in relation to the first year? Were there things that you thought should have been different? Liked a particular story arc but loathed another? Too much serious drama? Too little time for the various characters due to an overload of sideshows? I'd like to know it all! I'll probably put a little survey list on the forums, but feel free to give me a custom rant through email. You can find my address on the contact page, as always. I'm obviously always open for critique, but this is your chance to tell me what you think and have a few percentages of possibility I'll actually listen! School is starting again next Monday and I'm really looking forward to it. I haven't had a formal day of school in almost a year and a half! That's thanks to my own crazy machinations, but I'll be damned if I wouldn't like a nice last year of school! The huge big group projects are coming up for the first half year and after that it's a personal project, and then hopefully a Master degree in Animation (with a deviation towards game design) follows suit. For that first term a few projects were offered, but there's really only one that I'm interested in: doing gaming research on next-gen interaction with NPC's for the Dutch studio Guerilla (of Killzone fame). I don't just like it for the prestige; I'm also simply genuinely interested in the subject. It's right up my alley. I'll be quite crushed if I don't get enrolled in it, so at times it's nerve-wracking.
Don't forget the somewhat-survey! See you next year (actually first the specials)!

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