26 February 2005

I had a lot of fun with this episode, just so you know.

You all follow lively the activities of the likes of [the superfunny] Penny Arcade creators regarding their visitations of conventions. From the San Diego Comiccon to the one in Atlanta, there are many of them in the States. But I don't live there. I live in that little country in the old world. Yes, old, culture-rich Europe. But we're about to take a freaking leap into recognizing the digital century!

The first of may of this year, you see, will feature the first annual comic convention in the Netherlands! It's called Clickburg 2005 and it's hosted by the newly risen Clickburg, the only comic-organisation to concentrate solely on webcomics. It'll be a small convention this may, because I estimate, it being the first time, it still has to grow to respectable size. But because of this, they're also super-sympathetic and seem to have the right attitude towards the artists and the fans!

Admission is only ? 5,- and to top it off, instead of demanding heavy fees from artists who want a table (who usually do this as a hobby anyway, yours truly included), they have a great alternative. They're giving away places for free, but they will reward creativity and enthusiasm by asking you how you'll handle your site. Are you going to do something mad? Give away free drawings? Get a beamer and project your things on the wall? Tell them, and the wilder your imagination, the merrier they'll be at giving you a good spot.

Captain August has a place on that convention, I think. I've really only just begun, but I think it'll be fun to spread the word to people in such a personal way as on a convention. I'll let you hear in the future if I'm going to give acte de pr?s?nce on clickburg. And if so, maybe it's a nice idea to drop by? I'm always willing to draw the captain for my readers. This may be a really fun thing!