Buy Tadalafil Oral Strips forex saati 25 January 2006à“ÂÃÂâ I want you to take a long, close look at the following facts, so graciously/gratuitously donated by those perennially mischievous warmongers at Seditious Industrial Complex: here

Scroll down to one of the news posts for a closer look. They have taken my likelihood and constructed a false idol! No doubt to conjure many tricks and demons to add to their already vast arsenal, storing them in their carefully cultivated spawning pool, or should I say; dirty pool.

You understand that I can not let this pass. Many grievous acts must be taken in retaliation. Such cold displays of inflammatory material is, true to their name, seditious in the extreme. Captain August will rise as one fist -an iron fist to go with our pointy, two-pronged beard- and smite these unyielding foes. On the other side, their last two pages have shown remarkable progress and have taken away some of my initial qualms with the comic. The abundant use of colour -so very possible with a one-page-a-week rhythm- proves very effective and gives the comic, well, let us say? the right to exist.

But then, of course, they have butchered my proud family name. It's not 'leemrermarkersres', it's follow url Leermakers. This is ancient Dutch (well, from Napoleonic times of course, when surnames were introduced) for 'ladder makers', as opposed to 'leather makers', to which it translates in this era. Suffice it to say, we were practitioners of a craft I couldn't care less about at this point, but it's still our proud family name, damn it! Do not use it so lightly, or I'll give you a taste of your own bitter medicine, Mr. Zivadimillajovovich.

If I were you, I'd stop worrying and start learning how to love the bomb. Because it's coming- oh yes: it's coming.

follow Roderick.