02 November 2005

Success! Last month I flipped open the PcGameplay, one of the leading (and deserving) PC-magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium and found a letters-page filled with nonsense questions like 'why hasn't there been a new Star Trek game in ages?'. This prompted me to write in a more deftly written letter. About Psychonauts. And it got published.

I told them I had imported it from the States and loved it and asked them how they estimated its chances of becoming a success here in Europe after the disappointing sales overseas. Their answer hung towards careful optimism, as they first named a list of creative titles that had flunked here (such as Beyond Good & Evil), but ended by pointing out that Fahrenheit (or its less attractive American title 'Indigo Prophecy', which is actually funny because most of Europe doesn't use the Fahrenheit scale but Celsius) performed surprisingly well.

But that was of course not the only reason I mailed the question. More important for me was to get a distinguished letter in a distinguished magazine spreading the awareness of Psychonauts. I know, it's almost Trojan horse advertising, but my intention is needless to say straightforward: I want Psychonauts to be a success in Europe because I feel it deserves it. And I'm doing my part. Not for Majesco, not even for Tim, but because I want people to play good games.

I do it for the people!! Truth!!