binary options trading software reviews 29 June 2005

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source link opcje binarne za darmo Portable mini-DVD-player o? Love Update: I?ve seen a couple of new things in the past week. Since there?s no REAL news I?ll just rant about series and movies again, because everybody likes that. I?ve seen binäre optionen trading zeiten Vampire Hunter D, the old anime-movie. Now the NEW movie, ?Bloodlust? is one of my favourite anime movies. This old one however, is a pile of rubbish that I?m uncomfortable wasting words on. But you must be warned. It stinks. De English dub is terrifying, the dialogues are crappy, the character designs are stupendously butt-ugly (and this was an anime from the 80s or begin 90s. Before the highly stylized days of the later 90s. Hey what a discovery: mangastyle can be extremely repellent sometimes as well.). The script is negligable, goes nowhere. Did I mention the crappy characterdesign? The only positive thing was the soundtrack, which was an 80s synthesizer remix which was so wickedly misplaced that it made me laugh, which, I guess, is a positive thing. Kill Bill 2: Saw it weeks ago of course but I didn?t report about it then, so I?ll keep it short. David Carradine. Michael Madsen and Michael Parks deliver brilliant acting. The writing is superb. Not a bad word about this supreme movie. Bubba Ho-Tep: Bruce Campbell is a retired Elvis Presley in an old-folks-home that gets stalked by an Egyptian mummy who sucks the souls of the seniors. He teams up with a black John F. Kennedy to combat the mummy. It?s zany, a bit slow but surprisingly poignant. The Chin does awesome work.

And finally, I?m watching the Dreamworks mini-series Taken right now. It?s nice. Sometimes scary, but interesting. I... don?t know what else to say. Oh yeah, every episode lasts for about an hour and a half. Dreamworks? last big series, Band of Brothers was an hour. I fully expect their next big thing to last two, at the least, going up half an hour each time after that. There.

And I guess I just can?t get rid of throwing buckets of words at you in the strip. I guess I just like words.

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