02 June 2010

Have I been writing my ass off this past week. Every evening I’ve been hammering out the outline for my super special ridiculously goodlooking movie-in-the-process-of-being-written!

No time to tell you what it is! But it’s pretty sweet, and it has lots of events, and characters, and things that happen to those characters through the events! So that’s coming along. This week is also the week of the Dutch Festival of Games, our little rural GDC-esque. I have no idea what to expect, maybe it’s good, maybe it’s a little crap. We’ll see. I’ll be attending though because I’m meeting up with Important People to talk about my goodlooking movie.

Don’t worry, I’ll spill the beans soon and you’ll be glad that I waited because at that point I hopefully have more definitive news to tell you.

Furthering the train of mediocre films I’m watching, after Kick-Ass I have now seen Solomon Kane, from the original writer of Conan, Robert E. Howard. Though it starts out promising, the movie doesn’t manage to rise above its pulpy designs, doesn’t offer anything insightful about the characters. I’ll give it this: it was better than Van Helsing, which is a justified comparison because both their protagonists wear hats that border on the ridiculous in terms of width. But then that’s like saying the movie was better than have your eye poked out by a stick, because Van Helsing wasn’t quite a cinematographic masterpiece.

Solomon Kane looked really pretty though. But tell me, how is it that the entire movie the air is riddled with snowflakes gentle wafting down, yet there’s never snow on the ground? Late medieval England must have had built-in floor heating.