NEW WEBSITE banche con trading online opzioni binarie 01 March 2006

go to site Boy howdy, it's happening for real! The new Captain August website -you know, the one I've been talking about for oh I don't know, hügel strategie 60 sekunden trade ages- is ALMOST upon us! go I know, I know, it's almost too much for your little mind to take in all at once. But you can't stop this train, amigo. This old site, though rife with personality and that indefinable element that makes it Augustian no longer offered the level of interactivity and sophistication that the strip grew to demand. So me and my buddy Tim have been planning, plotting and programming the site for months and it's nearly done. Last Monday he came over at my place and we sat down the whole day to get it done (and watch some good Scrubs episodes). I single-handedly copy-pasted all the 145 comics and rants and titles and nonsensical names from the old database to a new one (one we can mercifully use forever now) and that was no small chore. But together we got it done, and Tim programmed some nice sturdy? code. I don't know programming terms. What can you expect from the new site? Well, I'm glad you asked. A host of new features, including (but not limited to): - All-new design! (this was kind of a given)
- A forum, for you to finally give easy feedback and discuss everything that matters!
- More downloadable content!
- The Captain August animated film, which you've been craving almost a year now!
- And MORE!!
So you see, it's well worth the wait and the inevitable shock from going from this old trusty site to the new one which you'll instantly feel alien to. I can't give you an exact date yet, but trust me, it'll be soon, real soon. I'm talking 'maybe already in a week' soon. Then again maybe also in two or three weeks.


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