here binära optioner sören My Secret Comic project is coming along steadfastly these days. Other school-assignments not so much. On the upside, I invented a new brand to be put on everything. But I can't tell you what it is. Is there really so little to tell then, other than that I haven't had a free day the entire month? One lousy stinking free day. Ah hell, if I'd have a free day now I'd still be feeling the pressure of all the stuff I have to do.

I don't think I've ever been this stressful, and that's saying something. Usually I work pretty well under a deadline and I'm used to these sort of things. But right now, school is really pushing all this stuff on us, seemingly dementedly assuming that we have nothing else to do. I'm really feeling the stress of all the shit I still have to do and I'm not used to it. go to link Exciting tension; yeah I know that. But real stress, where it kind of begins to nibble at your health? My stomach is kind of cramping all the time now. It's like I'm perpetually on the verge of falling ill but it doesn't quite come yet. I'm betting I'll be stricken the first day I'm really free of all this. Bugger.

But what is a man to do except slave away all day long, trying his best to finish the work without neglecting more important duties such as too many players on dating sites updating the comic? Of course when this is over I'll exact horrible vengeance upon those that did this to me. enter Terrible, monstrous revenge that chatters and gnaws in the dark; that scratches open pockets of blood and then cauterizes them again before you even know it. A sting of pain- and then a source disfiguring scar lasting forever. Be branded, oh thee that do me ill. Be stained and know it was I. Oh yes. Yesssss... *sucks thumb and continues sulking in corner (possibly fetally positioned), waiting for februari 11th*

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