20 October 2007

I bought a pair of jeans today, for which I immediately apologize. This is not the behaviour that you expect from me, so it warrants a certain amount of... explanation.

I have never liked jeans. There, I said it. This resentment was born from the obvious craving to have nothing to do with the shallow herds of people who all wore them, all the time. Disregarding the fact that this sentiment was precisely equally shallow (though probably a trifle more hip in retrospective), I have confined my taste in trousers to what I have been wearing exclusively for the past ohhhhhh~ six, seven years or so. Monotonous, bland, black slacks in the style of jeans but made of a different cottony fabric than denim -thus exploiting a loophole to not officially wear horrible, horrible, jeans.

Perhaps it was the blue-ness that put me off. And I certainly disliked the fad that was introduced years ago when jeans started to be sold in stores pre-destroyed; with the wear and tear of life already stained into them like a baby arriving into this world complete with bushy moustache and a well-flowing beard. To me it seemed the height of vanity and folly! A tribute to the wastefulness of the Western world! While folks in other countries were craving for decent clothing to put on their bare naked skin as they trod to the local water pump a babillion kilometres away; we were proactively ripping new trousers to shreds because 'worn' was 'in'. This in itself should explain how unctuous I can become if the mood takes me.

Apparently, there is no country on this earth where jeans have proliferated so intensely since their arrival than the Netherlands. Everyone and their grandmother wear them. And with a childishly rebellious attitude like I have... well, let's just say it took a while before I arrived at today, the day I stepped foot into a jeans store, was overwhelmed by gargantuan racks of pants and must've fitted dozens in narrow dressing booths. And to my great surprise, they actually looked pretty good. Maybe it was because all I was used to wearing were boring black trousers, but I really liked the look of the slightly washed denim!

So, I know it's not really my thing. But perhaps even one as I can learn to love the jeans. After all... it's what you wear on top of it that makes or breaks your image. Some will wear their parka or training jacket. As for me? I'm going in style, like I always have. My legs may be dressed in blue, but there's still an inerasable touch of black inside me.