follow site 17 October 2007 get link We are soooo nearing the end of this year. Consider these current and upcoming episodes as the last twenty minutes of The Return of the King: huge, enormous endings wrapping up every little aspect of the story. After the scary water corpses, a touch of light-heartedness is not without merit, without losing sight of the necessary poignancy of course. Now, what I also really want to talk to you about is guest art for the specials. So far I've gotten two entries, but I need at least double that if I want to complete Year Three. Otherwise, we won't be able to proceed to the fourth year. Consider this a shameless abuse of power to get what I want. I want people to make one-page tributes to Captain August and his venture into whaling and vengeance. So far I've got a few great illustrations lined up, so some one-shot comic pages would balance them out nicely. Who's up to the challenge of eternal fame? Remember, your entries will become part of the canon of August! Not just some random tacked-on apocrypha of drawings. This stuff is for real. And also remember; anything goes. Photo-strips, painted stuff, weird Scott McCloud experimentations... as long as it fits on an A5 format. E-mail me if you've got an idea (and the guts)! source go site Also: the Weeks of Doom have passed! Three consecutive weekends filled with three conventions! And stupefyingly; I survived to tell the tale. Abunai you know everything about; but last weekend I went to the Belgian FACTS in Ghent. It was a sci-fi convention, but there was an overdose of Star Wars and far too little of the smaller, more sympathetic series like Farscape and Battlestar Galactica. Nevertheless, there was much rejoicing even though I lost my shoes in the hotel. And so it came to be that I wanted to do the groceries on Monday and suddenly found myself with only the black boots from my Team Rocket cosplay. watch But remember; every setback is just an opportunity to buy new shoes in disguise.

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