go to site go to site 25 October 2006 come caricare conto demo 24option We're in a bit of a Pok,mon craze, Mon and I. She just bought Leafgreen for the GBA and we're both waiting for Diamond and Pearl. Why, you might ask? It's not like we really traditionally like the games themselves. It's more that, they're wonderful timesinks. For some reason it's fascinating to find yourself in the world of Pok,mon, to invest in the idea of Pok,mon, even though most of the ways this idea manifests itself are flawed and don't live up to their potential. The cartoon? Not enough depth. The card game? Too expensive and they're sell-outs. The games? Lack story and aren't graphically enticing. Then why bother? Simple: because the idea is so damn good. If anything, they've really managed to put that idea of adventure in every component. And the hit and miss design occasionally spawns something that really catches the imagination. Especially the ghost Pok,mon have above average potential. here Oh, and did you here? Sony bullied the well-known import gaming site Lik-Sang out of existence through some fluff lawsuits. The international gaming community has been dealt a blow and it's all because of Sony's pathetic desire to have at least a few wins to report to the world as they are facing massive, justified defeat. If anyone had any reason to back them, they've well and truly blown it. I postulate that backing Sony now is backing the crippling of the gaming community itself. Now that this one import-site is gone, the future of the others like and may lie insecure. Sony is truly unveiling themselves as the corporate bastards we always knew they were. A sad day for gaming. An even sadder day for Sony, as now only the most obnoxious sycophants will continue in their ever less believable resolve to apologize for the company's unpardonable death throes. opzioni digitali broker affidabili Have I much else to say? Nope. Not really. The movies await me! I hope you enjoyed this onomatopoeia-dominated episode. I believe we've managed with this year another unprecedented step-up in quality. Yes. Roderick.