STARFLUX follow site 12 September 2007

follow follow url The more perceptive amongst you have noticed that the name underneath the comic has changed from time to time. At first it was simply Rodi -a remnant moniker of my youth from high school and one I am keen on losing because it sounds quite not awesome. Then I went with either Roderick or Herr Rodi. The first is my real name, the second an utter rip-off from a comic artist called Herr Seele (Lord Soul in German) (the artist is from Belgium) (natur,llement), who made the admirably hilarious comic Cowboy Henk with absurdist Kamagurka. One the jokes I've always had to laugh at was when Cowboy Henk entered a bakery and squirted acid on his face just to make the female clerk faint. As the skin drooped from his head, Cowboy Henk raised his thumb and cheerfully congratulated himself with his excellent prank. binären optionen click here But none of these names were really good enough. I've always struggled with finding a decent nickname. A nom de plume. An alias. Something I could put underneath my work as a sort of quick signature. Not that I dislike my real name -in fact I really enjoy it. But there's something sophisticated, something mysterious about a good nickname. It's like there's this alter ego that created the work. I like that sort of enigmatic gesture. But I just couldn't find a damn name. click here demo autorobot options trading The perfect name is of course something that's very personal, somewhat original, catchy and whatever other trait you want to bestow upon it. Ideally, it's something that just grew out of some childhood quirk or happenstance, but the only thing I had was Rodi and that was exactly the name I was trying to get rid of. In lieu of this, I set out to create something anew. An artificial construction much like the infamous monster begotten by lightning and science.
Here is a list of names I considered. Many will be awkward or stupid, but I was just ransacking my conscious lexicon of certified Cool Names. Doctor Jesus? Jormungand? Captain August? Checkmate? Regardless? Anubarak? Indubitably? Inquisitor? Mal Content? Starnuch? Leto? Scienceboy?

Checkmate was nice, but also generation X supervillain. 'Look out, it's Checkmate; and he's castling!' I was also partial to Doctor Jesus (which, coincidentally, World of Warcraft would not allow my character to be named as), which is a name so cool it needs no further explanation. But then, I have neither a medical degree nor stigmata. I further didn't want to use names I got from popular media because they were already 'taken'. For a while I considered Starnuch. This was valid because he is my own creation. I liked the sound of it. It had a spacy tone to it. Nice. But in the end, I didn't desire to give the impression that I was anything like him at all, because I'm really much more energetic than that.

Well, then I recalled that on the forums that saw this massive mental battle through, my name had been Flux, after the quirky little purple guy from the great 1997 adventure game Toonstruck. The portmanteau of Starflux was quickly conceived. Lo! Here we had a name that had the galaxian epicness of 'star', and also the familiar, comfortable and personal tang of 'flux'! Brought together, it is a name that is short and swingin', and yet not quite overtly spread at the same time. It oozes rockstar and introduces a gentle cosmic/scientific aura as well. Starflux was born!

Starflux condones egregious use of wisdom. Roderick.