01 September 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now a Master of Arts (or Magister Artium as they say colloquially in Latin)! Last Tuesday I rose to the occasion and bagged myself this nifty title! A sound huzzah is in place!
So, that obviously means the movie is done. Death of a Clown has survived its lengthy production and is now officially done. Can you see it somewhere? No. Not yet. There is still some work before I feel comfortable publishing it. I'll try to make a website just for that purpose, and maybe shoot off a trailer on YouTube. We'll see. It'll be worth the wait though.
My teachers had me frightened for a moment. There was a certain level of critique on the movie and my part in it that I assumed was too much for them to proceed with bestowing me a successful graduation. I was fortunately proven wrong in the end -but a frightful moment has nevertheless transpired. Their biggest problem with the movie was the way in which I had made the symbolism of the movie a little bit too obscure and my inability to clearly communicate the rather difficult metaphors. They were quite justified in this hesitation, because it was obvious to me too that I had chewed off a bit more than I could chew. This gave my graduation initially a bit of a dual feeling, because though I had procured the desired title, I didn't feel like a Magister at all. I understand the difficulties I failed in some respects to scale and I will take care to avoid them in my next projects, but still, I made them here and now. Still, I guess the title is there mainly as a prediction of what I may become in the future. Right? Right?
Hey, if I had already grown all I could it'd be pretty weird, no? I look forward to making many more mistakes and then overcoming them in a later project. Sounds awesome. Let's do it.
In the meantime, I'll use my Masters degree as the most expensive poster ever on my wall. Huzzah!