APOLOGY source 18 August 2007

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buy Priligy 150 mg in Brownsville Texas I would like -if I may- to offer you my sincere apologies for the long absence of the good captain. I know a great many of you must have been puzzled and borderline upset, mostly because it went without any form of explanation. I must confess to have erred on this front. As with many of these awkward situations, one kind of rolls into it. You start at first with skipping a week, thinking you'll be able to get back to schedule after that and needn't bother with a formal heads-up, but then the work load is larger than you had imagined; the weeks fly by and you suddenly find that you haven't updated in over two months and that your readers must have given up on you. Tastylia Australia Those of you who are still here; salutations for your persistence and loyalty. Part of this whole ordeal also sprung from the limitation that I can only post a rant if I'm posting an episode. As a result, the site lacks a dynamic quality which a blog would have. These troubles have given rise to my desire to change the site again and make it so that I can post rants and episodes independent of each other. There would still be a bigger rant accompanying every page, but it would open up the possibility to post some smaller messages now and then, to have even more awesome content on the site and to keep you up-to-date at what's happening much faster and more precise. Also, that'd be a chance to do away with the ghastly design of this site of course (courtesy of yours truly -I am an absolutely appalling graphic website designer). The site works fine (some hiccups in the archive notwithstanding), but it has to be simpler, I feel, easier and more dynamic. Less portfolio-site-like and more blog-like. I'll discuss these changes with my trusted programmer luitenant soon, but don't wait up: it'll likely take months before anything happens. There's still that little matter of graduating that has kept me preoccupied these last months. I'm happy to say the movie (Death of a Clown, if you'll remember) is nearly complete and it is turning out quite spectacular indeed. Fr,,i.

In the period of my online torpor, I could have chosen to send you lot a page here and there, but I expressly decided against it. It is my opinion that you should do something well, or not at all. Half-heartedly posting a page here and there without a reliable schedule would only set everyone up for disappointment after disappointment. There are webcomic who do this, and it only serves to frustrate the reader. So I rather chose to have a shocking period of no comics at all, after which I could ascertain you all that things would return to normal. That time is now.

Captain August is back. Same place, same time. I'll be there. Will you? Roderick.

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